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April 3rd, 2013

Using roof brackets can make roofing work significantly more efficient, and can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Roof bracket systems are easy to install, use, and remove, all with minimum penetration into the roof and without damaging shingles. Roof bracket systems offered by Qualcraft help make roofing work safer by providing flat, level surfaces on which to walk and store equipment, and can be adjusted to fit a variety of roof pitches.

Like with most things, proper planning is a key to success when installing a roof bracket system. Always make sure to fully inspect the roof on which the system is to be installed, ensure all existing and potential hazards are eliminated, and always use proper tools and fasteners. And, always take the time to measure the intended installation locations of all components in the system, and ensure there is a sufficient quantity of equipment and materials.

To begin, use a ladder to climb up to the roof edge. At the roof edge, locate a rafter. It is vitally important to only install roof brackets onto rafters, as the field of the roof may not provide the support needed for the system. Once the rafter is located, peel up a tab of the covering shingle and place the bracket directly over the rafter. Then, secure the bracket to the rafter using (3) 12 or 16 penny nails. Ensure that all (3) nails are fully embedded into the rafter.

Repeat the installation process for a second bracket, taking care to place it in line with the previously installed bracket, and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum distance between each bracket, which for Qualcraft’s Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket is 8’. After both brackets are installed, immediately install planking across the two brackets, and then install a third bracket onto the rafter closest to the midpoint of the system to provide additional support. Repeat the process for all planned bracket systems.

Prior to each use, inspect the entire system for brackets or planking that are loose or unstable, and reinstall or replace any faulty components. When working on a roof bracket system, always move carefully, as well as use a personal fall protection system if necessary. When storing equipment or materials on a roof bracket system, only do so directly above a bracket, and never more than one layer high.

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