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September 12th, 2013

While autumn brings with it brisk evenings, early sunsets, and turkey dinners, so too does it bring rain, mold, and piles and piles of leaves.

It’s time to start bunkering down for the winter, and Qualcraft has everything our customers need to handle any autumn project they may have, whether it be re-shingling their roof, unclogging gutters, and more.

Qualcraft’s GutterBrush is ideal for expediting the time consuming and dirty task of cleaning out leaves, needles, and debris from gutters. To use, install the GutterBrush before leaves begin to fall. It easily slides into gutters of a large variety of sizes, and its unique bristle design functions to prevent debris from catching in gutters, all while still allowing water to pass through as normal. Then, after the leaves have fallen, simply climb up to the offending gutter, slide out the GutterBrush, and watch as months of debris is removed in minutes.



Gutters, however, are not always the easiest (or safest) parts of the home to access. Ladders, perhaps because they are one of the most common pieces of equipment around, are frequently misused, resulting in hundreds of injuries across the country every year. In fact, ladder safety is one of the most frequently penalized safety standards by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All of this, however, is why Qualcraft has dedicated itself to providing a premium, innovative line of ladders and ladder safety products.

Qualcraft takes pride in our ladder safety equipment. Qualcraft truly has it all, ranging from the Basemate Ladder Level System, which allows ladders to be safely set-up even on uneven surfaces, to the Ladder Rung Step, which provides a more comfortable and ergonomic work experience for lengthier jobs up on the ladder.

Basemate Ladder Level System

Basemate Ladder Level System

Of course, not all autumn cleanup projects involve roofs and gutters. But not to worry, Qualcraft is still your one-stop autumn cleanup resource. Acquired in 2012, the Trojan Tool line of products is perfect for all types of ground-level home improvement projects.

From Sawhorses, Miter Saw Stands, Door Braces, and Work Tables, Trojan Tool equipment is perfect for finishing up those autumn cleanup and improvement projects that may have been put off in favor of summer barbeques and baseball games. But, as the winter creeps closer and that creaky door gets louder, that rotten deck board sags lower, or that single-pane window is letting out just a little too much heat, Qualcraft is there for you.

There’s work to be done, and every day there’s just a little bit less sunlight to do it in. So it’s time to get started on those lingering autumn cleanup projects, and with the help of Qualcraft you’ll be prepared, organized, and (most importantly) safe all winter long.

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