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October 21st, 2013

Mansfield, Massachusetts − Qualcraft Industries, a division of Guardian Fall Protection, is excited to announce the release of the most revolutionary and versatile residential fall protection anchor ever made, the HitchClip™. Made from extremely durable and lightweight powder-coated aluminum, the HitchClip™ is quick and easy to install (with 6 screws or 6 nails), and functions as a permanent anchor point. Because it may be permanently installed, the HitchClip™ not only adds value to any home, but also helps reduce costs for contractors by allowing them to save money on temporary or one-use anchor options.

The HitchClip™, which will be available for purchase in November 2013, comes in black, gray, or brown, and its sleek design allows it to easily blend in with nearly any roof. Its unique and patented “key-hole” connection point both allows it to be used as a standard fall protection anchor, and also in combination with numerous attachment accessories, such as Qualcraft’s Bunk Jack , Roof Jack, Guardrails, Work Bench, Platform Stage, Solar Panel Rack Bracket, and many more.

When asked about the HitchClip™, Ed Marquardt, president of Guardian Fall Protection, says he has high expectations about the impact it will have on the market. He tells us, “Qualcraft’s vision is to always be the market’s first choice for fall protection and safety products, and the HitchClip™ absolutely helps us achieve this. Its innovative design puts it in a class all of its own, and we are incredibly excited to add it to our product catalog.”

Mr. Marquardt also addresses the benefit of teaming up with a skilled and experienced inventor like Scott Fontaine, inventor of the HitchClip™. “The HitchClip™ is a fantastic product,” says Mr. Marquardt,“and it’s all to Scott’s credit as its designer and inventor. We plan on having a long and productive relationship with Scott and his team, and are already planning on utilizing their expertise in the construction industry and in product design on a number of other new products.”

As for Mr. Fontaine, he couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Qualcraft. “Working with Qualcraft has been a great experience,” he says. “They are a very forward thinking company, which is essential for the industry, as well as an inventor like me.”

And regarding the HitchClip™, Mr. Fontaine is understandably enthusiastic. When asked about the reaction he’s received from end users, he tells us, “The HitchClip™ system is widely used by contractors and homeowners alike. The simplicity and ease of use are a big factor, as well as the wide range of components that the system can utilize. There is no system quite like it.”

Inventors, though, can sometimes have a romanticized view of the product they’ve spent so much time developing. So, is this the case with the HitchClip™? Absolutely not. Just ask Justin Quick, from Roofline Supply & Delivery in Eugene, Oregon. When asked about the HitchClip™, Mr. Quick says, “Roofers that I have sold HitchClip™ to love them. I like that they are an inexpensive add-on to an order that your customer will come back for over and over again.”

Whether it’s coming from a distributor, the inventor, or the company president, a consensus has clearly been reached; the HitchClip™ is changing the world of fall protection.

So, when it comes to the HitchClip™, Qualcraft just has three things to say…

...Save money, save lives, and get Hitched!


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