Skyhook™ Flashing Kit

Skyhook Flashing Kit
Skyhook Flashing Kit

Increase Durability & Weatherproofing For Your Skyhook™ Anchor

The Skyhook Flashing Kit is used in combination with permanent Skyhook roof anchor installation applications. It functions to increase durability and weatherproofing for the Skyhook, and is available in a variety of pre-primed, ready-to-go paint finishes. Gaskets not included.


  • Rotates 360°
  • Keeps water from entering joints between dissimilar materials
  • Accessory to Skyhook™ roof anchor
  • Flashing available in a pre-primed ready-to-go paint finish


Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
00352 Skyhook™ Flashing Kit - Primer 2.00

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