G-Track® SCAR Tablet

7200072000 - In Use

RFID Reader & Fully Functional Android Tablet

The SCAR Tablet, a component of the G-Track System, is both an RFID reader and a fully functional Android tablet. An all-in-one mobile command center, use the SCAR Tablet to scan RFID tags, input product information, record inspections, check e-mail, access the internet, review video/audio, and more. The lightweight and durable SCAR Tablet is impact resistant, waterproof, and scratchproof, making it ideal for even the busiest construction site.


  • RFID Reader
  • Impact resistant, waterproof, & scratch-proof
  • Fully functional Android 4.0 OS Tablet


Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
72000 SCAR Tablet -