T-T Boss Anchor Kit



T-T Boss Anchor Kit
T-T Boss Anchor Kit

Premium Roof Truss Anchor

The T-T Boss Anchor Kit provides everything required for the set-up of a premium roof truss anchor. In addition to an anchorage connector, this kit also includes environmentally safe aluminum flashing with vulcanized EPDM, and also a Luran-S cap designed to protect the anchorage connector from weather, as well as to not blow off in high winds. The included anchorage connector can be installed on the truss while the truss is still on the ground for additional safety, and the entire kit can be installed without penetrating roof sheathing. This kit is ideal for Fall Arrest and Restraint applications, and the specialized design makes it able to reduce impact forces to below 900 pounds. Supplied with all necessary fasteners.


  • Used for fall arrest or fall restraint
  • Does not penetrate the top sheathing
  • Comes with environmentally safe flashing
  • Hassle-free flashing design makes install easy
  • Unique design absorbs energy in a fall registering impact forces below 900 lbs.


Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
00440 T-T Boss Anchor Kit (fasteners included) - grey 5.00
00441 T-T Boss Anchor Kit (fasteners included) - terracotta 5.00
00442 T-T Boss Anchor Kit (fasteners included) - black 5.00

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