ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole

ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole
ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole

Custom Build Your Own Scaffold System

Qualcraft is the only company to offer two innovative designs that provide the contractor with a choice, and the retailers with the opportunity to differentiate their product mix from that of their competitors. Unique in design, safer, stronger and more durable, both the industry compatible ALL PRO aluminum pole and our classic Ultra-Jack® aluminum pole can be customized to create a scaffold system up to 48’ in height.

So, when considering scaffolding systems, think Qualcraft ALL PRO and Ultra-Jack® poles for durability, portability, compatibility, safety and easy set up and tear down.


  • Compatible with all other leading systems & Ultra-Jack accessories (except Ultra-Jack®)
  • 0.140” thick structural grade aluminum walls with rib reinforcement
  • Available in 6’, 12’, 18’ & 24’ join-able sections
  • Use in conjunction with ULTRA-Jack® components
  • Spring-loaded stainless steel pins combine with Pole Connector to add height up to 48’
  • The only 3-ply belted rubber grip facing with 6” on center screw attachment


Part #LengthProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs)
3006 6' ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole 22.00
3012 12' ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole 43.00
3018 18' ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole 66.00
3024 24' ALL PRO Aluminum & Rubber Pole 87.00

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