Clone Guardrail Set

Clone Guardrail Set
Clone Guardrail Set

Superior Durability & Weather Resistance

The Clone Guardrail Set is a component of the Clone Universal Rolling Scaffold system. These guardrails are required when stacking multiple systems, and are suggested even when using only a single system. They install into trusses in order to conveniently raise and lower with the platform, and also include built-in toeboards. All Clone Guardrails are composed of powder-coated steel for superior durability and weather resistance.


  • Required when stacking and suggested even when using only a single Multi-Function Scaffold unit
  • Installs into trusses
  • Guardrails also have built in toe-boards
  • Available in steel only


Part #Product DescriptionLengthWidthHeightWeight (lbs)
61327 Clone Guardrail Set 70" 29" 45" 80.00

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